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Sweet Orange Oil 5x
Sweet Orange Oil 5x

Sweet Orange essential oil is one of those universal "must have" essential oils. Our 5 fold Orange oil has been further concentrated through a carefully controlled distillation process which renders it far more therapeutic and aromatic than "plain" single run Orange oils. Add to a diffuser, a natural cleaning recipe, or (our favorite) to your next batch of brownies...
  • Name -- Citrus sinensis
  • Part -- Fresh Peels
  • Extraction -- Pressed
  • Origin -- USA
  • Color -- Orange
  • Consistency -- Thin
  • Note -- Top
  • Intensity -- High
This oil's aroma is warm, fruity, and deeply citrus. Very "orangey", if that's a word :)
This essential oil blends well with Cinnamon, Clove, Geranium, and Lavender essential oils.
Sweet Orange Essential Oil Precautions
Sweet Orange essential oil has been known to cause photosensitivity in some individuals. This is much less likely to happen with folded oils because the component of the oil that is responsible has been largely removed through the folding process. Still...be careful. :)
General Essential Oil Safety
Essential oils have been used throughout history to treat medical conditions and modify one's mood. That said, we still recommend that you consult a certified health-care professional who has experience and knowledge with essential oils to get educated on the appropriate application methods, dosages, interactions, and adverse effects of the essential oils you would like to use. To check for skin irritation, test essential oils (properly diluted of course) on a small area prior to full body use i.e. - lotions, baths, or massage oils.
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